Transform the cold-side of your brewery from manual control to automated with Frigid’s cloud connected control panel. Remotely control your fermentations anytime, anywhere.

Questions? Meet Ben

With over 15 years working with FMCG and craft breweries, Ben is the person with all the answers! He’s here to help you optimise and gain control of your fermentation. Give him a yell (or text) if you have any questions or thoughts – he’s always up for a chat!

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Reduce your energy consumption

Brew Smart, Brew efficient with Frigid’s pule cooling.

Tank Time Matters

Elevate efficiency and optimise your production schedules. Frigid.Cloud has your back with automated temperature control.

Cold Side Automation

Precision brewing, automated perfection: cellar control anytime, anywhere.

The future of brewing

Take your tank control online this 2024 with Frigid.Cloud Contact Us


“My favourite thing about Frigid is the peace of mind it offers. I could get home at the end of the day and question if the glycol is on or off on a certain tank and Frigid gives me the ability to check that from home.”
Carla Naismith
Carla Naismith
Head Brewer,Shapeshifter Brewing Co
“Frigid’s pulse cooling system enables us to use our equipment smarter, be more efficient and reduce our carbon footprint.”
Ben Johnson
Ben Johnson
Head Brewer, Big Shed Brewing
“Frigid is great insurance to prevent any loss of any of our brews because it measures temperature fluctuations for our entire team.”
James McCall
James McCall
Founder, Shapeshifter Brewing
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