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Let's get Frigid

Frigid is a smart refrigeration control solution for the brewing industry. Frigid allows brewers to measure, control, and program individual tank chilling parameters using any web enabled device.


Why get Frigid?

Frigid gives brewers real-time information and the ability to control their chilling processes remotely. This means brewers can monitor the process, increase productivity, reduce energy use and improve the quality of their beer all from their smart phone.

Frigid uses the power of IoT devices and cloud computing. This keeps hardware costs low and the annual subscription means your brewery will stay up to date with the latest improvements and energy saving modules. 

Cloud Automation

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Schedule temperature changes and receive notifications in real time from any web-enabled device.

Logging for days

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…and by days we mean FOREVER. That’s right, detailed logs accessible any time, anywhere.

Squash your carbon footprint

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Let Frigid get the most out of your refrigeration system by optimising when and how it draws energy.

How It Works

Using the power of IoT and cloud computing, Frigid integrates seamlessly with your existing infrastructure and instantly provides access to logs, remote monitoring and real cost savings.


Improved Efficiency


Remote Access


Alerts and Notifications

Case Studies

We spoke to the teams at Bigshed Brewing and Shapeshifter Brewing co of the value Frigid has brought to their processes.

“Frigid is really useful when we’re knocking out, so when we’re sending work to the fermenter, the guys can see the live temp in the tank and ensure we’re on track to hit our target. We’ve seen gains in energy efficiency in Frigid’s pulse cooling system, enables us to use our equipment smarter, be more efficient and reduce our carbon footprint.”
– Ben Johnson, Head Brewer, Bigshed Brewing

“I could get home at the end of the day and question if the glycole is on or off on a certain tank and Frigid gives me the ability to check that from home. Frigid gives me the ability to free-rise tanks from home on the weekend, so it’s a great time saver. “
– Carla Naismith, Head Brewer, Shapeshifter Brewing

Want to get Frigid? Contact Us Now!

Just like the beers they produce, every brewery is unique. Our experienced team will work with your brewery to install our hardware on premise and a monthly subscription means you will always have access to the latest energy saving modules.