Introducing Frigid, the ultimate cloud-based control platform revolutionizing the beer industry.

Brewers can now cut up to 25% of energy consumption, boost productivity and reduce stock loss risk with automated brew profiles, remote access & real-time alerts.

 A subscription service paid for by energy savings and productivity gains.

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Big Shed Brewing

“Frigid’s pulse cooling system enables us to use our equipment smarter, be more efficient and reduce our carbon footprint.”
Ben Johnson
Ben Johnson
Head Brewer, Big Shed Brewing

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A simple, intuitive interface lets you concentrate on just making beer


Let Frigid take the pressure off your refrigeration system by optimising when and how it draws energy.

With our pulse chilling and solar thermal storage solutions, you can cut your cost and your carbon.


Create financial savings across the board with significant energy and productivity gains.

Granular Control

Frigid provides greater consistency in product quality through data capture, custom ferment profiles and automation.


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“My favourite thing about Frigid is the peace of mind it offers. I could get home at the end of the day and question if the glycol is on or off on a certain tank and Frigid gives me the ability to check that from home.”
Carla Naismith
Carla Naismith
Head Brewer,Shapeshifter Brewing Co
“Frigid’s pulse cooling system enables us to use our equipment smarter, be more efficient and reduce our carbon footprint.”
Ben Johnson
Ben Johnson
Head Brewer, Big Shed Brewing
“Frigid is great insurance to prevent any loss of any of our brews because it measures temperature fluctuations for our entire team.”
James McCall
James McCall
Founder, Shapeshifter Brewing


Unleash the shackles and control operations from anywhere anytime. Frigid increases productivity, provides alerts & remote control like no other.

Stock loss scenarios are avoided with real-time alerts and notifications. Take the weekend off with the peace of mind knowing that if you’re needed at the brewery, you’ll be alerted.

Detailed logs provide you with a great troubleshooting tool and allow you to produce consistent brews.

Find a process that works for your team with Frigid’s recipe loading. The responsibility is taken off the head brewer’s shoulders and stored in one secure location to be accessed by any team member who needs it.

Create unlimited ferment profiles that automatically manage temperature changes.

In breweries, the return of glycol from beer tanks often has a similar temperature to the outgoing glycol, reducing refrigeration system efficiency. Frigid’s pulse cooling module addresses this issue by using a “batch” cooling approach, where cold glycol is pumped into the cooling jacket, providing more contact time for temperature exchange and resulting in a 20 – 25% energy saving.

Our solar module turns your glycol tank into a thermal battery.

Save time and chemicals by using our waste water module to measure, dose, dispose and log in line with council regulations.

Frigid fits seamlessly alongside your existing infrastructure and provides realtime monitoring and control, detailed reporting and peace of mind. Frigid also integrates with other third-party platforms and components to expand your automation capabilities.
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Monitor and control your ferments from the palm of your hand


With minimal capital outlay for hardware and installation, Frigid is designed to be accessible for even the smallest breweries. The monthly subscription fee, based on the number of fermentation tanks is relatively minimal, particularly as costs are offset by energy savings, productivity gains and reduced wastage.